Timmy and his friends used up a lot of their 9 lives very early on. Born in an overcrowded home with some 70 other cats and kittens for company, their early life was one of dirt and scarce resources. They were rescued and for a while lived with a kind lady who looked after them and taught them about Being good pets. She made them feel loved and confident and they became sweet purr balls. Unfortunately in their hoarding house they picked up ringworm and with all the animals she’d rescued she got overwhelmed and couldn’t cope any more, so took them to the shelter. Unfortunately, having ringworm at the shelter can be a death sentence. They have only so many spots in their isolation room and they can’t put sick cats in with healthy ones or all of them get sick. So these guys were on death row. Luckily the shelter called us and we scooped all 5 up and bought them to ks. We have nursed them back to health and now they are looking for homes. Timmy is 4-5 months old old and fully vetted. He has stunning dark tabby swirls and a sweet playful personality.

(If you encounter an issue with the form below, the adoption application can be accessed directly by going to https://form.jotform.com/91038840872158.)


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