PLEASE HELP THIS LOVELY ORANGE BOY THAT DESERVES A LOVING HOME. Meet James, he was originally found on a Facebook post outdoors, but friendly towards humans. He frequently approached and interacted with a group of warehouse workers that would feed him and pet him. Unfortunately one day he approached the warehouse covered in blood and scratches after getting into a fight with what appeared the be a raccoon! He needed medical attention immediately, fortunately he received it and has recovered well since and is ready for a loving home! He is litter box trained, loves to engage in play, and also loves to just hang out next to his favorite people. He is an emotional boy so he does get upset when he doesn’t get time spent with him. He has been neutered, microchipped, up to date with receipts on vaccines as well! James doesn’t seem to like other cats… he would definitely do best as an only cat, and probably child free home as well. He doesn’t spray after being neutered. He can still live a happy and healthy life and has a lot of life ahead of him, but this 4-5 year old handsome man is FIV+. This isn’t transmitable to humans, and typically not easily transmittable to other cats unless they get into a fight and infected cat deeply bites the other cat! He really wants to go outside again as he’s used to being an outdoor cat but it is typically best to avoid letting FIV+ cats outdoors to avoid transmission to other cats or them getting sick from something. He just wants a home to call his own and a loving and caring owner, could you be that person? 

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