Pretty little Ivy was born outside to a feral mom and survived 3 months with her 3 other siblings. The weather got cold, the lady that fed them was going on vacation so the call came in to help catch these babies. Who could leave these little ones to fend for themselves in the cold weather? Not us! So we caught 2 one week (Ivy and her brother Mello) and the other 2 shortly after.

Ivy made it clear from day one she likes to climb and look down at the world (thus her name). She would LOVE a home with a nice cat tree to perch upon! She enjoys snuggle time with her brother (and wrestle time on occasion) and purrs when she gets hugs and kisses from her trusted people. Though being a kitten she does still have a bit of a short attention span, there’s things to see and so much to learn! She was afraid of toys at first, ok terrified, but has only been here a short time and is starting to wonder what they are for… She enjoys naps on a soft mat and the warmth of being inside. She has adjusted very well in only a little over a week as I see more and more of her personality showing through. What she needs now is a loving home where she can feel secure and loved. We hope to have her fixed and ready to go by mid December.

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