Handsome Mello was born outside to a feral mom and survived 3 months with his 3 other siblings. The weather got cold, the lady that fed them was going on vacation so the call came in to help catch these babies. Who could leave these little ones to fend for themselves in the cold weather? Not us! So we caught 2 one week (Mello and his sister Ivy) and the other 2 shortly after.

Mello was called a little melon when he first came inside because he really is food motivated with a cute little belly! He seemed to respond easily to that name, but who calls a little boy melon? Since he adjusted the quickest to inside life Mello seemed much better! He is more relaxed and mellow than his 3 litter mates. Still a kitten and still active, yet he truly enjoys a soft round bed to curl up in, stretch out on, or just hang out. He will even share the bed for cuddles with his sister Ivy. He is a purr machine!!! From the time you approach him to the time you put him down that motor just does not stop! He is loving the easy inside life and at the same time he has his young kitty bouts of energy. He is still adjusting and has decided his mouse toys are to sleep with so far, but in the near future I am sure he will figure out that balls and toys can be played with as well. Mello is looking for a furever home that is warm, comfy, and full of food and love so he can learn all the wonders of being a treasured member of the family. We hope to have him fixed in the first couple of weeks of December (fingers crossed).

(If you encounter an issue with the form below, the adoption application can be accessed directly by going to https://form.jotform.com/91038840872158.)


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