SOS. Smoky needs a home before winter. He turned up at a local home begging for food during the Wharton State forest fire. He was emaciated and stayed after the lady started to feed him chicken and has since gained weight and looks healthy now. He has had two Pantene baths and loves to lay on her bed a stretch out. He loves her pittie and gives him nose-to-nose kisses. Smokey wants to be with her own cat but that cat has leukemia and it would be dangerous for Smokey who is FIV positive and thus has a lower than normal ability to fight infections. Smoky loves to be pet on the head and belly rubs. He tends to rub his teeth on you to mark his scent. His paws are large but he never has attempted to scratch her- ever! He is soooo full of love! He’s fixed and utd on shots. And for those of you unfamiliar with FIV, its not really that serious in cats. FIV cats tend to live long healthy lives. the main issue they have is increased tendency to get rotten teeth due to not being able to fight off the germs in their mouths. FIV is also not very catching. Its fine for FIV positive and negative cats to live in the same home. Can you help Smokey? He doesnt want to be outside this winter, but he cant stay with his finder either. 

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