Andy is about 10. His mom passed in November and her house recently sold. There was meant to be an estate sale this weekend but the agent couldn’t do it before her cats were rehomed. Unfortunately the cats had no place to go. No one in the family wanted them. Their mom had adored them but after her death her son had basically just fed them and scooped litter. No grooming. No love. And now they found themselves facing life on the street or possible euthanasia at a shelter. Luckily someone intervened and helped them get safely to our rescue. They are now looking for a home to live out their remaining years. Andy and Hannah are brother and sister and part Maine Coon. They are both fixed and front declawed. Andy is long haired but his fur was so matted we had to cut entire clumps of his fur off, so he looks a bit ragged right now, but it will grow back soon enough. His shots are not yet current but we will get that sorted once he calms down. As you can imagine he is pretty scared right now. First he lost his mom and all her love and now hes lost hod home. Please help us find him a new family to love.

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