Midnight started life as a stray. He is eartipped, so at some point he was part of a managed colony. But then he found a lovely home where the lady fed him and eventually he started coming indoors. He was an I door outdoor cat for years, but was more in than out recently. Unfortunately his mom passed and none of her kids wanted him he or his kitty “siblings”. They were about to be put on the street but someone intervened and gutted the family into bringing them to our rescue. Midnight is initially skittish, very sweet once he gets to know you. His fur was so matted when he arrived we had to cut entire clumps off. He needs regular grooming to help prevent that. He is not that fond of the other two cats from the same home and would be fine as an only cat.

(If you encounter an issue with the form below, the adoption application can be accessed directly by going to https://form.jotform.com/91038840872158.)


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