Nate is a very sweet but shy cat. He loves to play with other cats and gets along with them very well. He’s still very timid and needs someone who is patient in gaining his trust. He likes cat cave beds as he feels safe in them. He enjoys spending time in the catio which gives him some time to enjoy the fresh Air and sun in a safe environment, an alternative to this would be a cat perch. He loves to snack on treats, so if he hears you shake the box of treats he will come running to you. He will eat off your hand and he will come near to smell you but is still not too trustful to be touched. Once he’s comfortable in his environment, you will see him playing with the other cats, climbing the cat tree, chasing the toy mouse and climbing on your desk just to admire the view. Nate is about 10 months old and needs a special family to love him. Might it be yours?

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