Gypsy - 18 month old female kitten available for adoption

In foster through K’s Kitten Rescue: EXTREMELY SCARED of new situation! Needs experienced cat owner. Gorgeous Gypsy, 1 1/2 years old, was living outside by a couple that cared for both her and her running mate Sparkles (about 3-4 years old, also looking for home). They rented and could not bring them inside, but kept them fed, vetted, happy and healthy. They would both allow them to pick them up. Unfortunately, her human mom and dad both passed away about the same time and they were without anyone to look after them. She talks to cats (and dogs) from her cage and has the absolute CUTEST chirp and sounds like she’s having a conversation. LOVES looking out window. She loves toys – especially catnip balls. Gypsy needs time to decompress in a calmer environment. She may be more comfortable with Sparkles or a friendly cat in home if introduced slowly. She plays through cage with resident cats. Her new mom or dad need to understand time to adjust, slow introduction to home, patience and a caring heart are all necessary for this petite lady – but after adjusting it will be SOOO worth it to know you gained her love and trust and kept her safe. (Her current foster is more than willing to answer any questions and be there with tips and guidance to help adjust) She is not ready to be held or picked up – but that should come in time with patience since she did allow that in past. ? Heart Broken – she cries to be with Sparkles or her former care givers! (They are in different cages but can see each other) ? She needs a loving home – you can she WANTS to trust ? Very scared ? Hoping for someone that loves her, understands her fear, and has the patience to teach her to trust again…..

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