Stunning Squirrel is a petite girl only about 6lbs. We think she’s about 1-2 years old., She’s a flame point Siamese / Himalayan cross and rather a prima donna. That or she’s schizophrenic! When she first arrived her reaction to unfamiliar people and places was to hiss and howl at everyone… 2 or 4 legged. Now most of the time she’s super sweet. She sleeps on my bed and snuggles next to me purring. She hops on my knee when I’m sitting and rubs my legs when I’m near the fridge (she loves people food, especially chicken and ham but basically meat and even cheese … if you are eating it, she wants some). However, she’s prone to irrational mood changes when suddenly she’s mad and starts back up with the growls and howls. One trigger we have identified is that she’s self appointed herself guardian of all pets. If she thinks you are hurting someone (you may be giving meds for example) she will more or less go on the attack to protect them. Not sure what her other triggers are. Not sure she knows why she’s being cranky sometimes! She is one of her foster mom’s favorites, but you definitely need to be good at reading cat body language to work with her. A love for quirky cats would also be a plus! Squirrel is fully vetted. 

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