Sherbert needs a home! Shes 3 years old and fixed but currently needs her shots updated. Her human mom passed and shes living in the home all alone with a feeder coming once daily to tend to her needs. With people she doesn’t know she warms up after being a little shy. With people she knows, She likes to be petted and sit with you or on you. Like many cats, She doesn’t much being picked up and/or carried. She was mostly just with her 80 yr old human mother and another senior cat whom a family member took because he has serious medical needs. AuHe got on ok with him. They ate and slept together. She is used to a quiet environment. She did not like the loudness and jumping around of the young grandkids and great grandkids when they visited. She would either jump high or go upstairs. She was around a family member’s not very well trained yorkie mix on occasion. She did not like the barking and jumping all around. She would swat and sometimes growl when the dog got in her face. She is in Toms River now but she needs a forever home. Please message us if you can help. This cat needs out!!!!

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