10 month old Nikki is a beautiful girl who enjoys her pets and being held and will let you know when she’s had enough by jumping off. She is not aggressive at all. She didn’t really know how to kitten very well when she came here, but she has certainly changed since then and is even starting to play like a kitten which is something the other two foster kittens in the home taught her how to do. She’s having so much fun with them. Her foster family have recently let them have the run of the house at different times during the day and she is the braver of the three. She’s an equal opportunity lap sitter, loving to sit on my husband’s as well as mine when they watch t v at night and loves to watch the wildlife videos on her foster moms computer monitor. This sweet little angel needs her forever home and we think any adopter would be lucky to have her. 

(If you encounter an issue with the form below, the adoption application can be accessed directly by going to https://form.jotform.com/91038840872158.)


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