Marshmallow had an adopter but she changed her mind bc her dog is sick and needing to go have surgery very soon, so she’s available again! She is entirely white with baby blue eyes & 4 years old. She came to the rescue with 4 kittens, then went on to be the adoptive mother to several more kittens by feeding them and cleaning and protecting them from my scary upstairs cats lol. Her kittens are weaned now and she’s ready to go to her forever home. She greets her foster mom when she comes into the room and loves being pet. She will plop down right next to her foster mom and purr and fall asleep with her mouth open which is one of the most adorable things ever. She loves her wet food above all other kinds foods (please, please don’t take away her beloved wet food if you adopt her, would you want to be stuck eating the same old hard food every day of your life?). She also loves temptation cat treats so much that she will stop whatever she is doing to run over and get some treats, I tried a bunch of flavors for her and she loves all of them! She would fit well with a single person, a couple or a family. She loves her foster family’s kids and allows them to pet her and rubs against their legs. She’s a calm lady but she also likes to play with wand toys, she’s got the spunk to chase a laser around as well lol. Usually she just wants to lay next to us and be petted. Will you be her permanent designated petting and feeding slave??

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