Grumpy might be one of the Seven Dwarves litter but he is anything but grumpy. Grumpy is a neutered gray, black and white boy that’s about 4 months old. Grumpy’s litter was rescued from a kill shelter. When the litter arrived at their foster home it was obvious the litter hadn’t had much attention or contact, as they seemed to have never been pet and didn’t seem to know how to play. Grumpy is learning quickly. Grumpy loves to play, his favorite thing to play with is a fishing pole. Grumpy is very outgoing. Grumpy is warming up nicely and likes to be pet, and purrs loudly when he is pet. If you’re looking for a playful kitten, please apply to adopt Grumpy. You’ll both be glad you did.

(If you encounter an issue with the form below, the adoption application can be accessed directly by going to


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