Genesis update 2. It’s been 2 weeks since Genesis arrived at the rescue so starved she was at the edge of death. She couldn’t stand, she was so weak. We did syringe feedings round the clock for many days, along with antibiotic shots, vitamin shots, sub q fluids and more. And guess what?!!! Our little miracle girl has gained 1.5lbs! She’s walking steadily, and even jumping, eating well and generally doing great. She needs a good grooming as her fur is still horribly matted, even after multiple baths. But other than that, she’s back to being a normal kitten. She got tested and had her first shots today, and has now been reunited with her 2 sisters who we had rescued previously. We are so grateful for your support. We expect to get her fixed toward the end of the month, and then she will be looking for a forever home. Apply if interested

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