Charlie Chaplin is a sweet loving boy, and very affectionate. That wasn’t the case at first. Charlie was meowing outside and showed up at our doorstep a few months ago. We started feeding him and it took a little coaxing to get him to come to us. But once he did he became a total lap kitty. We posted pictures on social media etc looking for his owner but no one ever came to get this sweet kitty. Charlie now runs to you when you call his name and just loves lots of head petting and scratching. He will follow you around and loves the company. He’s very playful and likes to chase the wand. We think he’s around 1 year old as he’s still small and has kitten tendencies. He’s such a loving boy he deserves a good home and we are hoping someone will open their home and heart to this special boy. He appears to like other cats but would also be great as the only cat in the house.

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