Buffy is a seriously sweet baby, 4-5 months old. She’s purring up a storm and loves to play with feather toys. If you or someone you know has been thinking of adding a fluffy family member, keep Buffy in mind. As her personality emerges…and it does take time to socialize a stray kitten…she has proven to love affection and is social. She’s also feisty when she doesn’t like being held for something like getting her dewormer meds, so I won’t recommend her for young children, but she’s never tried to bite or scratch…she just wants to be put down when she wants to be put down. She plays gently and loves to nap in the bathroom sink…hey, we all have our peculiarities! Her foster mom is getting her used to living with a dog and progress is very good! We think she’ll be a great companion in the future for people, other cats, and gentle dogs. And that body!! ????????‍⬛❤️

(If you encounter an issue with the form below, the adoption application can be accessed directly by going to https://form.jotform.com/91038840872158.)


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