Bear is a sweet boy. He is about 8 weeks old now and is such a playful little guy. He came to the rescue when he was only 10 days old. Found with his sibling, who sadly passed, in a yard that had over grown weeds. Finder watched hoping mom would return and she didn’t come back so she brought them inside and contacted our rescue. Bear has a bright bubbly personality, he plays hide and seek and is really good at keep away! ? Bear loves balls and chases laser lights. He will lay on your lap and try to take over your bed. He loves to run and goes so fast he slides on the tile floors. Nothing scares him because he does it again and again. I think he thinks of it as playing baseball and sliding into home base. Bear has been around cats, kittens, kids and dogs. Dog introduction needs to be done slowly to allow both to adjust to each other. Please consider adopting this sweet handsome guy as he would be a wonderful addition to your home. Ready around early november.

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