picture of two cats playing with cat litter container

How do I introduce my new cat to my other cat?

Many people find it helpful to introduce a new pet slowly. One way to do this is to set up space in a room, even a spare bathroom will do. You are creating a temporary safe space where the new kitten can safely be introduced to the rest of the house. Place food and water bowls, a litter box, bedding and a couple of toys. At first, the new kitten and your current cats will smell each other under the door. Next, let the new kitten out for short periods of time in a controlled space, such as a bedroom. You want to avoid spaces that will give the kitten a lot of places to hide. Have periods of supervised playtime, then time to rest in the safe space. This gives the new kitten time to learn the smells and sounds of a house without feeling nervous or afraid and wanting to hide. After everyone has been introduced it’s time for the cat to join the rest of the house.

I found a kitten in my yard, what do I do?

Finding kittens without a mother doesn’t necessarily mean the kittens have been abandoned or orphaned. If you think a kitten was abandoned by its mom, please wait and watch for about 2 hours. Mother cats will leave their kittens to hunt and eat, and occasionally to find a better home. If the mom does not appear to be coming back, contact us before moving the kittens unless they are in imminent danger.

Very young kittens without a mother require routine feeding and care until they are able to eat independently.

There is a cat (or cats) living in my yard, what do I do?

Outside cats need food, water and shelter just like inside cats. It is also important to spay or neuter outside cats so that they can not produce kittens. The only way to stop the outside population from growing is to spay or neuter every outdoor through TNR (trap, neuter, release).

The simplest way you can usually tell if a cat has been spayed or neutered is to look at its ears. Typically, when a cat has been TNR’d one of their ears will be tipped, or clipped so it’s flat and not pointed.

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